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Executive Cybersecurity Workshops

Custom guidance for busy enterprise executives

When it comes to cybersecurity, it’s easy for busy leaders to feel overwhelmed with the technical. If you are a forward-thinking executive who understands the criticality of cybersecurity to your organization’s success, how and where do you start? RNSC’s Executive Cybersecurity Workshops take all of the complicated overwhelm off your plate, easily allowing you to lead with confidence.

Led by the Industry’s Best

Our experts have decades’ worth of experience protecting Fortune 500 level enterprises, leveraging an extensive knowledge base. We consider your success our success.

Customized & Tailored Programs

One size does not fit all when it comes to cybersecurity. Our workshops are carefully programmed for your organization, aligned to your specific objectives and needs.

Real-time, Interactive Format

We work on your schedule and time to deliver practical and highly immersive executive workshops with easy to understand content plus informative simulations and exercises.

Evidence-based Methodologies

Our well-defined approach is designed to guide leaders through every inch of their information security systems, ensuring nothing is missed and no one is left with questions.

how it works


Your team meets with ours to thoroughly review current business goals, challenges, capabilities, and desired security state in structured interviews


We guide your team step-by-step to evaluate your current systems, identifying weaknesses and pinpointing security gaps in your processes


Based on findings, we develop a strategic road-map and frameworks for achieving enterprise security goals and reducing your risk

The takeaways are worth it

Why should your leadership invest in our Executive Cybersecurity Workshops? The results speak for themselves.

Your competitive edge

Stay ahead of cyber everything and ultimately set the bar in your industry. Here’s how our Executive Cybersecurity Workshops help your organization stay relevant and competitive:

Incident Response Planning Tabletops

Be prepared for the “when”

It’s impossible to guarantee that your organization will never experience a cyber threat – it is no longer a matter of “if”, but “when”. When incidents do occur, the most successful organizations are prepared to handle them seamlessly with almost no interruption to their business or consequence. RNSC’s Incident Response Planning Tabletops allow your leadership and managers to know exactly what to do to protect your reputation and finances.

Your response & recovery blueprint

Our customized tabletop exercises offer the most hands-on training possible for participants. We simulate real, highly relevant incident scenarios for your team to help everyone best understand and evaluate response performance. From there, your blueprint is designed to ensure a well-executed response and recovery plan to incidents.

Our Incident Response Tabletops leave no question unanswered:

  • What happens when a breach or incident occurs?
  • Who does what? When? How? Why?
  • What role does every member of your team play?
  • What resources are available to you if you encounter an event?

“I highly recommend RNSC Technologies for all your cybersecurity needs. I have been working with RNSC for over a year now and their guidance is always spot-on and top-notch. The organization is professional and knowledgeable and have always provided our organization with excellent service. I have complete trust in their ability to protect my business from cyber threats.”

– Harry Snodgrass
(Director of Security Operations, Learning Edge Training Solutions)

Security Awareness Training

Build a Cyber-Aware Culture and increase resilience

Your customers and partners trust your organization with highly sensitive information. Do you trust that everyone touching this data is handling it securely? Business leaders shouldn’t have to worry about keeping their employees up to speed with the latest cybersecurity trends, tools and processes. RNSC’s in-depth Security Awareness Training helps any organization build a transparent, resilient and cyber-aware workforce.

Fortify your human performance

Using the right security technology and tools is one thing – but what about the technology’s users? Our simple approach offers an enjoyable educational experience for all participants, no matter their experience.

What you can expect

  • Interactive simulations and role-playing to assist with decision-making and team communications
  • Expert trainers with extensive experience in Fortune 500 enterprise cybersecurity and crisis communication
  • Access to examples and case-studies relevant to your specific industry

Business-specific Training

We cover challenges and topics that are of the greatest concern to your business to increase relevance of training, keeping participants engaged

Detailed Threats Overview

Understand the different types of threats hitting businesses today and how they work so your team can better recognize red flags

Account & Password Policies

Your team learns how to properly lockdown the various accounts they use for everyday operations, along with safe sharing of account and password information

Email & Web Security Practice

Significantly decrease your team’s Business Email Compromise risk by recognizing phishing schemes and suspicious emails

Social Engineering Protection

Helps your team recognize these highly damaging threats, equipping them with the tools they need to protect themselves and your organization

Your cybersecurity is only as strong as your weakest link.
We find it, then fix it and fortify it.